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    Logo Proudly Made By @[2B-61] Julius C.

    Welcome to the North American Department of Justice!

    The NADoJ was founded in early 2015 with a mission to create an entertaining and realistic emergency services roleplaying community for FiveM. In the last 7 years, the NADoJ still strives daily to maintain that mission. While we adapt many of our practices to meet the many demands of the modern roleplaying community, we combine our leadership styles of member reinforcement and continued education to create a fun yet realistic roleplaying environment all based on operations of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

    Are you looking to join us?

    We would be very glad for you to be a part of the NADoJ and join alongside of us for this exciting journey. We are fully committed to establishing a safe and enjoyable environment for all members. We will take all possible steps to ensure that all members have a wonderful experience while in this community.  Furthermore, we are fully committed to creating a very efficient system to support the community as well. Our goal is to avoid our community taking on any semblance of a burden for our members (being in a full-time job etc.). Therefore, we are confident that streamlined and efficient processes will be part of what makes this community special and unique. We also place a huge emphasis on acknowledging the reality that, regardless of rank or time in the community, we all are just people at the end of the day. We all are here for the same reason, namely, to have fun with our fellow members, and we will constantly strive to ensure that all members remember this reality. The NADoJ is a volunteer community, so we especially value our members' time and commitment and are extremely grateful for all of their time that they contribute to help this community thrive and prosper. Furthermore, We are dedicated to taking a progressive approach to change in this community and will always be open to hear the concerns of the membership base. We will continually work to improve all aspects of this community and ensure that all members are heard and valued.  

    Our age limit 

    This community adheres to an age limit to help maintain our goals for operational success. Everyone age 14+ are allowed to submit an application and be eligible for membership in the NADoJ Community. There are no exceptions to this age limit. 

    Social Media

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    We Are What We've Been Waiting For

    North American Department of Justice ® 2022

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